Learn to:
  • Understand workplace facilities management, health, safety and service delivery.
  • Develop your ability to identify workplace and facilities management.
  • Understand the skills needed to complete complex, non-routine tasks.
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The Facilities Management Standards clearly define the competences that are necessary to be a competent facilities management practitioner at all career levels, from a support role through to a strategic role.

Currently, K-Pintar is offering Level 3 and Level 4 IWFM certifications.


Level 3 - 6 Days
Level 4 - 6 Days


Level 3

  • First-line managers and supervisors in Facilities Management.
  • Designed to develop knowledge and understanding of the Facilities Management industry.
  • Also suitable for new recruits into the industry.

Level 4
Operational managers in Facilities Management.

  • Responsible for day to day operations.
  • Managing the delivery of a range of support services
  • Managing contractors and suppliers
  • Health and Safety Budget
  • Projects Budget

Also suitable for new recruits into the industry from another management discipline.


For Individuals:

  • Recognition (both Nationally and Internationally)
  • Career progression pathway.
  • Improved marketability Competent.

For Employers:

  • Tailor qualifications to meet company needs.
  • Recruit and retain high quality staff.
  • Skilled competent workforce - an independent measure of expertise measured against clear learning outcomes.
  • Gain competitive edge


Creating Business Links between Malaysia and German companies.

  • In co-operation with the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry and MIDA, participants will be able to get in touch in contact with German companies interested in co-operations with their Malaysian counterparts
  • Get direct contact with CEOs and representatives of German and Berlin-based companies looking for ventures in South-east Asia
  • Introduction to the network of Berlin Partner for Business and Technology:
    • Active in unique public-private partnership, collaborates with the Berlin State Senate and over 200 companies worldwide in various sectors:
    • Healthcare Industries
    • ICT | Media | Creative Industries
    • Transport | Mobility | Logistics
    • Energy Technologies
    • Photonics
    • Service Industries
    • Manufacturing Industries
    • Aerospace technology



IWFM Level 3 Qualifications in Facilities Management

(M) Mandatory      (O) Optional



IWFM Level 4 Qualifications in Facilities Management

(M) Mandatory      (O) Optional

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